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Rafting the Wenatchee River

The Cottage Avenue Historic District features early 1900s-era Craftsman bungalow homes, lined with picket fences and shaded by the many mature trees that earns Cashmere the official designation, “Tree City USA.” Travel back to the founding days at the Cashmere Museum and Pioneer Village, featuring 20 original buildings, including homes, blacksmith shop, doctor’s office, school, […]


View of Cottage Ave

Considering a move to Cashmere? Request a relocation packet and receive a kit filled with information about the Cashmere, schools, real estate, demographics, business information, and much more! Relocation packets include a copy of the Cashmere Chamber of Commerce Membership Directory where you can find listings to help you with your move.      



The City of Cashmere, the acknowledged geographical center of Washington State, is located at the foot of the Cascade Mountains on the Wenatchee River. To the west is Mount Cashmere, rising to 8,500 feet. To the east is the Columbia River, providing electrical power for the Pacific Coast and irrigation water to convert hundreds of […]

Cashmere, Washington








Take a map of Washington state and put your finger right in the middle. You’ve found Cashmere! Cashmere is 2.5 hours from Seattle and 3 hours from Spokane or the Tri-Cities. Headed to Lake Chelan? Cashmere is an hour from the lake. Midway between Leavenworth and Wenatchee, Cashmere is a 15-minute drive from either destination. So stop in! With 300 days of sunshine and something for everyone, Cashmere should be a part of your vacation plans in Washington’s Playground.

Featured Chamber Member

  • Studio B, Jewelry & Gifts

    Studio B, Jewelry & Gifts

    Brenda McGowan began creating jewelry in 2000 while working at a local bead store. Through the years her love for beautiful gemstones and quality design grew, and led her to start her own line of hand-crafted jewelry. “I love creating jewelry, there is just something about it. From dreaming up new designs and picking out amazing […]

  • BarnYardLLC_Front

    The Barn Yard

    The Barn Yard LLC Rick and Cheri Pipkin 5885 Sunburst Lane in Cashmere Contact: Owner Cheri Pipkin at 782-2276 or Hours: 8 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturdays How long have you been in business? We’re new! The store doors have been open for just one […]

  • Liberty Orchards

    Did you know that Cashmere’s famous Aplets & Cotlets candies were once branded as the “Confection of the Fairies?” Armenian immigrants Mark S. Balaban and Armen L. Tertsagian started in 1915 an apple farm here called Liberty Orchards. From their experiments with old-country fruit candy recipes they created a Northwest tradition. Visit Liberty Orchards and […]

  • DSCN07891_480x360

    Kashmir Gardens Florist

    Business name: Kashmir Gardens Florist Owners: Sherrie and Dan Kill Location: 209 Woodring St., Cashmere How long have you been in business? 64 years Tell us, in four sentences or less, about your business. Opened since 1949, we are the only full-service florist in Cashmere. We carry fresh and permanent floral products, balloons and gifts. […]

  • Iron Horse Services

    Iron Horse Services, 5970 Sunburst Lane, serves agricultural, residential, commercial and industrial customers throughout North Central Washington. Owner J.D. Miller, with more than 20 years of experience serving local farmers, heads up the family-owned Cashmere business. A McCormick dealer, Iron Horse Services specializes in farm equipment of all types and also sells McCormick brand orchard, […]

  • It’s 5 Artisan Distillery

    Liquor and travel experts recently identified the Cashmere artisan distillery It’s 5 as one of the top 10 most imaginative distillers in the nation. At It’s 5, all products are made by hand, using fruits and grain grown in the Wenatchee Valley. If you haven’t visited this unique Washington business, stop in at its tasting […]

Contact Us

103 Cottage Ave.
Cashmere, WA 98815
(509) 782-7404